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Alocassia Service Apartment Singapore 2016 Christmas Project

Posted by Faye Tandog on

For the second time, we received a request from Alocassia Service Apartment at Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, to do their Christmas lighting installation.

Alocassia Apartment Fairy lights 2016 Ezzolights project
Click here to see more photos of our fairy lights

As this is our second time to do the project at Alocassia, we are pretty familiar with the garden in which we had to decorate with our lights. When they came to us, they showed us a photo that was taken from outside Singapore of trees nicely decorated with RGB lights that displayed the true colour of blue. They wanted to be the same like in the photo. Blue and pink theme is for the big trees to accentuate their presence in the night. But for the grass area, we want to have warm white and white theme to create the warm Christmas feeling.

We took up the challenge and tried our best to meet Alocassia request.  

To have the colour changing effect, we use DMX controllers that are set to run only with these 4 colours: blue, pink, warm white, and white.
There are only 3 model of lightings installed for this project:

  1. Solar Fairy Lights that we converted to use AC direct connection instead of Solar PV.
  2. RGB washers light set with DMX controller.
  3. RGB project light with DMX controller.

After many days working non-stop on this project, we are proud to know that we finally met Alocassia requirement. Customer is very satisfied with our work and even gave us compliment for the job well executed.

RGB lighting with DMX controller at Alocassia Service Apartment

If you stay at Alocassia Service Apartment or visit many of the restaurants there at night during this holiday season, you will be able to view our work.

Click here to see more photos of our RGB lights

Alocassia is a very nice and clean service apartment located near Orchard Road, the shopping belt of Singapore. Take the whole family to stay there during your vacation in Singapore to enjoy exceptional value to home away from home living at Alocassia with up to 40% off their apartments’ daily rates.


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