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Ezzolights Luxlights LED Downlights Catalogue 
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Luxlights is Ezzolights very own product line which is designed to the highest standard of quality and safety to meet the demand of premium quality lights at affordable price. 

Luxlights downlights come with different models, sizes, and color temperature ranging from cozy warm white to daylight white to give you wide range of selections to choose from when it comes to highest quality LED lights at affordable price.

Your safety is our priority. That is why all Luxlights series come with a Safety-Marked driver.  Why is it important to have Safety Mark on the driver?

Ezzolights Driver with safety mark


In Singapore, it is a government requirement for LED drivers to carry the Safety Mark logo which essentially means the driver or transformer is certified to IEC 61347-2-13 for consumers at home ( 


Efficiency of your driver is also a critical differentiation. Often however, what is cheaper may not be a good idea if you wish to be efficient. This is referred to as Power Factor or the degree in which actual energy is used (in kW) when converted to AC electricity. So if a power factor is 0.95 and you use it to support a 18W LED light, the actual energy consumed is more than 18W. In cheaper LED drivers, often their power factor is only 0.70 and hence, your energy will actually be an extra 40% more. Certified drivers are often already 0.95 as the quality of the product ensures that efficiency.


LED lighting is sensitive to high temperature affecting its lifespan. It is also very true that LED Drivers are sensitive to the efficiency in which heat is dissipated from its components. This thermal load is critically measured between the casing temperature and component temperature. Good drivers are made to have as low a temperature difference. 


In theory, regular AC power supply are to have a clean sinusoidal wave pattern. In reality, many AC power supplies are irregular and maybe caused by switching large inductive or capacitive loads. Such voltage spikes, in particular, do affect the lifespan of your driver and hence lighting. Certain countries are more prone to large spikes compared to others.

All these points are often overlooked by consumers especially when costs becomes part of the equation. Do consider knowing what is the value of safety when the costs difference is only a few dollars at times.

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