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PROJECT CREDENTIAL by EZZOGENICS (click below to see more information):

  • Soori, Bali - Indonesia
    • Click to see more photosAlila Villas Soori, Bali - Indonesia
    • Customised LED Lighting with a colour temperature (CCT) of 2400K CCT using OSRAM Oslon Square German made LED and paired to Jung KNX / Rotary dimmers. Outdoor lighting: 5W floodlighting using CCT 2400K Cozy Warm light colour and beachlighting of 150W to enhance the resort’s shoreline.
  • Pluit Village Mall, Jakarta - Indonesia
  • 2016 Project on Alocassia Service Apartments - Bukit Timah Road, Singapore
    • Click here to see more photos of our Fairy Lights 
    • Click here to see more photos for our RGB lights 
    • We are honoured to be trusted for the 2nd time to handle the Christmas lighting installation at Alocassia Service Apartments. To create the warm Christmas feeling, we want to have warm white and white theme for the grass area, and also blue and pink for the big trees to accentuate their presence in the night. So the DMX controllers are set to run only with these 4 colours. The customer came to us showing us photo how the RGB light should light up and it was a challenge for us to meet the colour exactly as what customer wanted. But we did it! Customer is very satisfied with our work and even gave us compliment for the job well executed. There are only 3 model of lightings installed:
  1. Solar Fairy Lights that we converted to use AC direct connection instead of Solar PV.
  2. RGB washers light set with DMX controller.
  3. RGB project light with DMX controller.
  • Housing Development Board
    • HDB Lift Upgrading Programme
    • Lucent recessed downlights for the Lift Upgrading Programme. Using 3W 3 LED downlights in a customised mould and power supply designed to meet IEC 61347 Safety Standards. Lucent 3W recesssed downlight to replace interior lift lighting. IP44 rated to withstand vibration and dust. Comes with safety locking pin to prevent theft
  • HSBC 
    • Click to see more photosHSBC - Singapore
    • External Building façade floodlight using 50W and 150W narrow beam angle designed to provide a sufficient external lighting up to 12 storeys high.
  • DBS Bank / POSB Bank Branches and ATMs
    • DBS Bank / POSB Bank Branches and ATMs - Singapore
    • Backlight rigid strips, recessed downlights and wide range variable voltage MR16 lightbulbs.
  • Rimowa Millenia Walk 
  • Apartment and homes, Tiong Bahru
    • Click to see more photosApartment and homes, Tiong Bahru - Singapore
    • Typically clients would choose from a range of recessed downlights paired with cove lighting using rigid or flexible strips. 
  • Pasta de Waraku Group of restaurants at Central Mall and Terminal 2, Changi Airport
  • New Cape Inn Hotel
    • New Cape Inn Hotel - Singapore
    • Recessed Dot 6 downlights and bedside reading lights such as the Gooseneck model.
  • Entrepreneurial Business Centre, Tagore Lane
    • Click to see more photosEntrepreneurial Business Centre, Tagore Lane - Singapore
    • Installation of our Baton series LED 7W PLC lights to replace existing 18W CFL PLC light bulbs. This amounts to savings of 11W per bulb with a usage of 24hours a day, would support excellent savings for 500 LED luminaries to the building owners of up to S$13,000 annually.
  • Lucky Construction Pte Ltd, Tuas
    • Click to see more photosLucky Construction Pte Ltd, Tuas - Singapore
    • We customised the LED light strips to match the corporate colours of the company. It is baby blue which is hard to find normally as typically, one will find a darker shade of blue instead. The warm white LED strip also comes with a high colour accuracy to create the ambience suited for the situation.

      We normally pair our LED lights with Meanwell, one of the best power supply manufacturer from Taiwan. Even German LED products would pair their LED lights with Meanwell.

  • Jurong Point Mall 
    • Click to see more photosEzzolights project at Jurong Point Mall - Singapore
    • Jurong Point Mall light retrofit project comprised of upgrading to LED for several areas such as the carpark, common corridors, offices, perimeter lighting, highbay loading lighting and ceiling ambient floodlights. JP Mall is the largest suburban Mall in Singapore comprising approx a total 750,000 sqft nett lettable floor area, 1500 car park lots and 450 retailers. Upgrading works were based on stringent Greenmark requirements based on Singapore Standards SS530 and SS531. Ezzogenics was involved in the light proposal, tender, supply and installation of LED lighting and applicable electrical works.
  • FEDEX Logistic Centre using Highbay lighting, Penang
    • FEDEX Logistic Centre using Highbay lighting, Penang - Malaysia
    • 80W Highbay lighting using Osram Oslon Square LED modules and variation of angle at the Fedex Logistics Centre, Bayan Lepas Airport, Penang
  • Seven Terrace: Luxury Boutique Accommodation, Georgetown, Penang
    • Seven Terrace: Luxury Boutique Accommodation, Georgetown, Penang - Malaysia
    • Customised room lighting and external façade lighting.
  • Red Inn Court, Penang
  • Red Inn Cabana, Penang
  • Red Inn Heritage, Penang
  • Adlington Cheshire - United Kingdom
    • Click to see more photosAdlington Cheshire - United Kingdom
    • A project by BSSLED UK (our sister company in UK).

      Replacement of 320 Fluorescent Tubes with LED High Bays and LED Tubes, saving over 40,000 Kwh per year.

      In addition to the energy saving benefit, our LED lighting solution will provide a 5 year maintenance free lighting solution and substantially increased lux levels on the shop floor.

  • UGG Australia - Piccadilly, United Kingdom
    • Click to see more photosUGG Australia - Piccadilly, United Kingdom
    • A project by BSSLED UK (our sister company in UK).

      Installation of 3200 Lumen 41 Watt Citizen LED recessed down lights

      LED Tubes to illuminate the back of house areas

      Bespoke LED Shelf illumination system allowing an LED lighting strip to illuminate the shelf below

      This was the first Ugg Store Worldwide to be fitted out with all LED Lighting, by choosing our LED products, there will not only be a substantial energy saving, but with a 5 year warranty, there will be zero lamp maintenance.

  • Aiglle Flight Support - Guernsey Airport
    • Aiglle Flight Support - Guernsey Airport
    • A project by BSSLED UK (our sister company in UK).

      Replacing 96 x 100 watt 8'0" Fluorescent tubes with 23 x 150 watt Flood Light.

      Our lighting replacement programme provided an Energy Saving of 65% and substantially increased light levels. With the existing 8'0" fluorescent tubes becoming more difficult to source and a commitment to saving energy, Aiglle Flight Support chooses BSS LED Lighting as their preferred supplier for LED replacement lamping.

      The project included 150 watt LED High Bay Lamps which provided an 30% increase in Lux levels in addition to the 65% energy saving.

  • Ugg Australia - Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village, United Kingdom
    • Click to see more photosUgg Australia - Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village, United Kingdom
    • A project by BSSLED UK (our sister company in UK).

      Another UGG Australia lighting installation using the proven 3200 lumen 41 watt LED Down Light.

      To create the ‘Outlet style’ look 4500 Lumen 50 Watt High bay lights were installed between the lighting rafts.

      The solution will provide a 5 year maintenance free lighting solution.