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2017 new fashionable design touch switch three gears brightness LED vase lamp (Flower not included)


Ezzolights LED Vase Lamp Specs

  • Color-rendering Index: 65-85
  • Material: ABS,PE
  • Input Voltage: DC5V/1A
  • LED Power: 1.5W
  • Working Current: ≤ 120MA
  • Color Temperature: 2800-3000K
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Size: 119mm x 146mm
  • Recharging Time: 4 hours
  • Weight: 420g
  • Water Capacity of Vase: 350ml

1.This product is connected with a DC5V power adapter, please do not arbitrarily connected with other voltage adapter
2.This product is built in lithium battery, do not put in the fire, do not use or storage in the high temperature environment.
3.Do not expose this product in the rain or humid environments
4. If you will not use this product for a long time, please charge once every three months to maintain the best state.
5. Do not disassemble or change the structure of the product by yourselves, so as not to damage the product or case personal injury.

Package Includes:
1 X Vase Lamp
1 X User Manual
1 X USB Cable

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